Pre-Med School Admission Support

Maximize your gap year to get into Physician Assistant school.

Pre-PA School Admission Support

Maximize your gap year to get into medical school.

How we help

CapYear Academy

We have expert advisors and curated content within our academy to help you navigate your medical school or PA school admissions.

Gap Year Strategic Planning

Sign up for our strategic planning session for an individualized review of your application readiness. During that conversation, we will discuss your academics, experiences and outline key opportunities. Building your strengths and addressing any areas for improvement, overcoming your weaknesses during your gap year.

Re-applicant Assessment

Need to reapply? Consult with our advisors on how to approach re-applying to improve your chances for acceptance. We will help you identify if there are actions left to take for this application cycle and when, where and how to reapply.

Interview Prep

Whether you are interviewing for your gap year job or to get into PA school or medical school, our pre-health advising experts will get you ready and test your skills with a mock interview.

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Recent Events

UMD Latin X Pre health Society
Salisbury Medical Careers Society
NE LMSA Meeting
Towson Career Fair
Loyola pre-health club
George Washington Career Fair

Supporting your healthcare education journey

Career planning and admissions support for future physician assistants and physicians.

Why CapYear?

How We're Different

We have everything you need in one place. CapYear provides a holistic approach to your gap year. With access to both jobs and clinician mentors, we provide wraparound support for your application to medical school or PA school. We show you how to leverage your gap year employment to build the relationships and competencies you need to be a successful applicant.

Create your plan.

Create your plan.

Meet with our advisors for a strategy session to plan out your gap year.

Get Advice

Get clinical experience.

Get clinical experience.

We don’t just make suggestions about how to spend your gap year, we connect you to relevant experiences.

Find a Job

Tell your story.

Tell your Story.

Work with our advisors to confidently incorporate your experiences into your medical school and PA school or job interviews.

Featured Resources & Insights

Questions employers ask about hiring pre-health graduates

We talk to employers all-day everyday about hiring pre-health college graduates to fill clinical roles.  Find out what they say they love and what their concerns are so you are ready when that interview invitation comes!

How cover letters and thank you notes can help you get noticed.

Many pre-health candidates underestimate how cover letters and thank you notes can help your application stand out.  Check out these simple tips to get an employer’s attention.

Zoom Interview Do’s and Dont’s

Many employers now use video interviews as an initial screen before inviting candidates to come to their office.  The convenience is great but it’s important to know how to manage zoom videos effectively as a candidate.  We’ll share best practices and mistakes to avoid.

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