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Don’t have the time or budget for traditional medical assistant training programs?  Prepare to become a certified medical assistant in as little as 9 weeks at CapYear Academy.  Our program is 100% online and on-demand with live physician, PA and nurse instructor support.  CapYear’s state-licensed medical assistant training program is designed to fit your schedule at a fraction of the cost of traditional training programs. 

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Find and apply directly to clinical jobs across a variety of specialties. Get real-world experience working with patients as you prepare to become a PA or physician.

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Employers: promote your open clinical positions to thousands of pre-meds and pre-PAs ready to work.  Source great candidates and fill entry-level clinical jobs quickly.  Get screened candidates delivered straight to your inbox to interview and hire directly – at a fraction of the cost of temporary staffing or traditional recruiting.

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Daryn Levine
Daryn LevineWashington University, placed as a Medical Assistant at the Maryland Pediatrics Group
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As someone who was only taking one gap year, I was having a lot of trouble connecting to employers before I found CapYear. They made the process so much easier and less overwhelming. It was clear that CapYear was in my corner at every turn, wanting me to succeed, and I appreciated the service so much.
Jennifer Nnadozie
Jennifer Nnadozie Administrative Patient Care Assistant LifeBridge
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After graduating from undergrad, I struggled for months to find clinical and research positions. CapYear has vouched for my skills and advocated for me to the hiring managers for jobs I wouldn't have been able to find or get on my own. They also offer other support services to help me on my medical school application journey. I'm starting a new job that I got through CapYear on Jan 23rd and I'm so excited to finally get the patient care experience that I've been searching for!
Assia Dumbuya
Assia DumbuyaMedical Assistant for Capital Women´s Care, Towson University
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Joining Cap year was the best decision I made as a student who recently graduated with her BSS from Towson university. This program helped me find the right clinal experience to outshine my resume for medical school. Cap year was able to place me as a Medical Assistant at a urologist and gynecologist facility with Capital women’s care and I LOVE IT.
Sean Kim
Sean KimBucknell University placed as a Medical Assistant at Chesapeake Urology
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Not only did they refer me to job opportunities, but they also guided me through interviews and kept in constant communication throughout the whole process. I am extremely thankful to CapYear for simplifying the job search and I cannot wait to start at my new medical assistant position!
Chioma Ezuma
Chioma EzumaTowson University, Medical Assistant at Chesapeake Urology
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CapYear's impact went far beyond job placement. They provided invaluable mentorship and guidance, propelling my medical journey forward. Their dedication to my success was evident, as they strived to find the perfect fit for me. Thanks to their exceptional network, I am now thriving as a medical assistant at Chesapeake Urology. CapYear collaborates with dedicated physicians and welcoming clinics that are committed to providing comprehensive training and valuable patient care experience. In my short time at Chesapeake Urology, I have acquired invaluable skills and the confidence necessary to advance in the field of medicine. I am truly grateful for CapYear's instrumental role in shaping my future.
Caroline Farrell
Caroline FarrellLoyola University, Endoscopy Center of Long Island
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CapYear supported me throughout my job search, whether it be by providing resume tips or promoting me for positions in both Maryland and my home state. It was through their dedication that I was able to interview at and accept a position that perfectly fit my needs and interests when it came to seeking clinical hours.
Destiny Burkes
Destiny BurkesMedical Assistant at MATClinics
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CapYear has helped me with placement into a medical field job directly from undergrad, offers many clinical sessions and PA and medical school help!
Paulina Paredes Ramirez
Paulina Paredes RamirezMedical Assistant at Mobile Med
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It’s been six months since I started and I love the position at Mobile Med that I found through CapYear. CapYear made the process so much easier to find a position that worked for me. It’s been such valuable clinical experience as I prepare for medical school. Paolina P, Loyola University.
Nadia-Marie Young
Nadia-Marie YoungMedical Assistant Waldorf Women's Care
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I have officially completed my second week! I definitely love working for Waldorf Women's Care. I've learned so much already. I am so grateful for this opportunity I received through CapYear. I just would like to say thank you again.
Sabrina Narda
Sabrina NardaLoyola University, Pediatric Medical Assistant at The Maryland Pediatric Group
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CapYear has been an extremely beneficial experience for me. They have guided me in the right direction and always checked in on me. Within one interview, I got a position as a Medical Assistant at The Maryland Pediatric Group.
Ogechi Nkemka
Ogechi NkemkaPediatric Medical Assistant at The Maryland Pediatric Group, Towson University
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My experience working with CapYear has been quite beneficial! I appreciate how they check in with you and try to tailor your career choices with opportunities in the area. The organization is really committed to helping individuals like myself, who have a desire to pursue medicine, by providing various opportunities for work. Fortunately, I was able to secure a job as a medical assistant and the process went by quickly!
Ore Olajuyigbe
Ore OlajuyigbeMedical Assistant at Neurology Department at LifeBridge
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The program connected me with recruiters I never thought I would gain access to and I was able to secure a medical assistant position in the neurology department at a great hospital! The CapYear team was incredibly caring and supportive throughout the process and went above and beyond to ensure my success.
Faith Rusch
Faith RuschTexas Tech University, Pelex Medical
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I was introduced to CapYear through my undergraduate institution and within a month I was employed as a Medical Assistant. CapYear was so helpful and encouraging during the application and interview process and it was clear they truly wanted me to succeed.
Katie Satterthwaite
Katie SatterthwaiteCornell University, Research Assistant at Johns Hopkins
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Even as an out of state applicant with limited prior clinical research experience, CapYear advocated for me. I was able to interview with the people I would be working with and ended up with a job offer. This was such a great opportunity, I moved across the country for my new job and I couldn’t be happier with my decision!
Christian Dayaon
Christian DayaonTowson University, Medical Assistant at Chesapeake Urology
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CapYear proved to be an invaluable resource in helping me overcome that uncertainty by providing me with a unique opportunity to gain clinical experience as a medical assistant at Chesapeake Urology. Through its collaboration with numerous colleges and universities, CapYear has made greater accessibility to clinical experiences, fostering the development of the next generation of healthcare leaders.
Collin Rockey
Collin RockeyTowson University, Clinical Research Assistant at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
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I had a great experience utilizing CapYear! I submitted my information on Monday and I had a job offer by Friday. The jobs offered were exactly what I was looking for during my gap year and the CapYear team was available every step of the way to ensure that everything was running smoothly. I would advise anyone taking a gap year to utilize this resource!
Fatoumata Sanogo
Fatoumata SanogoMedical Assistant at LifeBridge ENT
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After taking a short break from work, I was ready to get more clinical experience. I found CapYear after a few months into my job search and I think it was such a blessing. Multiple people at CapYear reached out to me about positions I might be interested in, advocated for me and also followed up with me. CapYear put me in direct contact with a hiring manager at LifeBridge and I was offered the position within a few days!
Shloka Nambiar
Shloka NambiarPsychometrist at LifeStance
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In June 2023, I joined CapYear, and it is the best decision I have made. CapYear opened my eyes to the plethora of possibilities available. Thanks to CapYear I am thrilled to be working at LIfeStance Health. I could not be more excited to work here and gain clinical experience!
Aminatu Abdulai
Aminatu AbdulaiMedical Assistant at Cardiology Associates of Frederick
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The application process on CapYear jobs was easy and the hospital replied quickly and I got the job right away. I'm now happy working as a medical assistant. It has been a great experience using this platform.
Lola Dada
Lola DadaMedical Assistant at LifeBridge Health
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Having reignited my "interest" in medicine, I came across CapYear when I was anxious about entering the healthcare field and finding a clinical position that fits me and my background. CapYear reassured me there was no need to feel anxious and that their platform was meant to help people in situations like mine. In my case, the person who reassured me was R.T. R.T. not only gave me confidence that I could find a job but supported me throughout the process until I landed the job!
Christopher Cottone
Christopher CottoneLoyola University -Medical Administrative Assistant at Sinai Department of Surgery
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Within days of applying to jobs on CapYear, multiple employers contacted me. Ultimately, I was able to find the perfect job that allowed me to get the patient care experience that I desired before going to medical school.
Hirvane Djilioni
Hirvane DjilioniPatient Transporter with Medstar
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The experience was great, I got a call back from MedStar in no time for an interview, where they then reached out to me in a couple of days to announce that I finally got the position. Everything was smooth, compared to other jobs that I tried applying for on websites like indeed where the employers don't even respond.
Kush Kataria
Kush KatariaMedical Assistant at University of Maryland Medical Center Neurology Department
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CapYear was great in helping me secure a medical assistant job. They have a lot of postings online that are regularly updated. They are also great at following up with you and the recruiter during the process. The clinics also know that you are here for a learning experience during your gap year which is great. I highly recommend using CapYear when applying for gap year jobs. Super easy application process and a lot of great opportunities!
Ana Romero
Ana RomeroMassachusetts General Hospital Patient Care Associate
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CapYear was undoubtedly a hidden gem to me. Navigating through this platform for the first time felt like a too-good-to-be-true experience. The company offers numerous opportunities varying in specialty and location. I ended up switching from the original option I applied to since the recruiters recommended a position that was more convenient considering my background.
Stephan Ha
Stephan HaLifeBridge Health Rubin Center for Advanced Orthopedics, Medical Assistant
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There are no other job recruiting sites that cater towards recent pre-health graduates as well as Capyear does. Immediately after creating a profile and sending out applications, I was reached out to by area recruiters (RT and Luis). It was clear to me that they cared about finding me an enriching and quality gap year experience that fit my needs and interests.
Margaret Galo
Margaret GaloUniversity of Maryland Medical System, Medical Assistant
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Working through CapYear was a great experience especially for someone coming out of undergrad with little professional experience. The website was very straightforward and the quick and helpful responses from recruiters made the process of applying go very smoothly. I would definitely recommend CapYear to individuals looking to gain medical experience whether they are planning on applying to physician assistant programs or not.

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