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Introducing CapYear

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Why CapYear and what we hear and you should consider a future PA, MD for your open clinical positions

How CapYear Makes Clinical Hiring Easy

Finding and retaining high-quality employees to fill entry-level clinical positions can be time consuming, costly, and frustrating. CapYear offers creative and straightforward hospital staffing solutions to fill your entry-level clinical positions.  Here’s how we help…

Source great talent quickly

We proactively source applicants for your positions from a pool of diverse, college-educated talent looking for clinical positions. These future physicians and PAs are highly motivated and ready to deliver a great patient experience.

Streamline your recruiting

Post a job at CapYear to source candidates from universities in your area and across the country. We work to ensure the college-educated candidates you find at CapYear have healthcare related academic or real world experience. We save you time by broadening your reach and attracting more relevant candidates.

Employer support

Leverage CapYear's expertise to design a position that attracts and retains top pre-health college graduates. Learn how this candidate pool can improve the patient experience. We can help you successfully onboard these candidates and give you greater insight into how to support them on their journey to medical school and PA school.

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