AACOMAS Application Dates and Updates 2023-2024

2024 AACOMAS Application Cycle Dates

  • May 4th, 2023  Application Opens and Applications transmit to schools
  • Early decision program deadlines are school specific. These schools have early decision programs:
    • AT Still University Kirksville COM
    • Campbell University Jerry M. Wallace SOM
    • Marian University COM
    • Rowan-Virtua SOM
    • University of North Texas Health Science Center/Texas COM
    • Edward Via COM
  • Osteopathic schools may begin extending offers of admission at any time after the interview
    • If accepted prior to November 15th you will have until December 14th to provide a deposit
    • Acceptances between Nov 15 -Jan 14 will have 30 days for a deposit
    • Acceptances between Jan 15 and May 14th will have 14 days
    • Acceptances after May 15th may be asked for an immediate deposit
  • AACOMAS participates in the academic update windows. These are periods of time where they allow you to update courses in progress/planned and add courses. You cannot update courses that are already verified. These academic update windows occur in September, December, and March. Your courses will be verified, an updated AACOMAS GPA will be calculated, and your information will be sent to programs. You must also send an updated transcript for verification. Your application remains “verified” during the update process. 
  • April 1st, 2024: Schools are asked to report to AACOMAS the names and identification of candidates who have paid a deposit, hold a position at an osteopathic medical college entering class or both
  • May 15th, 2024: Candidates need to withdraw from any college(s) that they do not plan to attend and only hold a position at one COM. AACOMAS reports to each institution the names and candidates for its entering class who hold an acceptance (s) at additional institutions. An osteopathic medical college may rescind an offer of admission to a candidate who has paid deposits or holds positions at multiple institutions. The college must give the candidate a minimum 15-day notice. 

Deadlines: Each osteopathic school establishes its own deadlines. Check Choose DO or go directly to the school’s website to determine their deadlines. 

What can you change in AACOMAS after submission

Personal Information

  • You can update your biographic and contact information.
  • You can update your Advisor Release selection.
  • You can update your visa information only if your US Citizenship Status is not US Citizen.
  • You can update Infractions only if you submitted your application with an answer of No.

Academic History

  • From the time you submit, until your application is verified, you cannot make changes to your colleges, degrees, and coursework. Once your application is verified, you can:
    • Add new colleges and degrees.
    • Edit existing colleges and degrees where attendance is In Progress.
    • Add new coursework for new colleges and new terms/academic sessions.
    • Edit planned/in progress terms/coursework.
    • Note that if you make coursework updates, you can have these changes verified during the Academic Update (AU) periods. Refer to Updating Your AACOMAS Application (Academic Update) for more information.
  • You can edit your high school attended.
  • You can add new continuing education courses.
  • You can add new test scores.

Supporting Information

  • You can edit and delete evaluations with Requested or Accepted statuses.
  • You can add new experiences and achievements.

Program Materials

  • You can select additional programs to apply to.
  • You can add “optional” documents.

Changes for 2023-2024:

  1. Post-Submission Edits to In-Progress Experiences: With this
    enhancement, applicants can edit in-progress experiences (i.e., experiences that do
    not have an end date). This allows applicants to update experiences such as
    shadowing hours, volunteer work, or healthcare experience throughout a cycle and
    provide those details to their programs.
  2. Change to Application Release Date: In previous cycles, applications have been held for release and processing did not begin until June 15. Beginning with the 2023-24 AACOMAS cycle, AACOMAS will begin releasing in-progress applications to schools as they become available, beginning the day of the application launch. Some institutions may begin reviewing applications later in the cycle and individual programs’ admissions timelines vary. Please get in touch with your programs directly for additional information. This decision has been controversial because there is concern about what schools might be able to see before you even submit the application. AACOMAS has reassured that schools will only be able to see the demographic information of students who have checked off their school on their application. They cannot see any of your other work in progress. Schools have asked to have this information so they can reach out (market) to students earlier in the cycle. 
  3. AACOMAS will be adding additional experience category types but they have not elaborated on what those type categories are going to be at this time.

AACOMAS application guide can be found here.

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