John Walkup

CapYear Cast Host & Producer

My Why

I am proud to contribute to a future healthcare system that is more inclusive, compassionate, and effective. By interviewing current healthcare professionals and students, I can help uncover valuable insights into the realities of the industry and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Sharing this knowledge helps inspire the next generation of providers to pursue careers in healthcare that are fulfilling and impactful. Additionally, by highlighting topics such as team-based approaches to healthcare and the social determinants of health, I am helping, ever so slightly, to promote a more collaborative, patient-centered, and equitable healthcare system.

John is the host and producer of the CapYear Cast. He is also the co-founder of UrbanDigs, a leading data provider for the New York City real estate market, where he co-hosts and produces the popular real estate-themed podcast ‘Talking Manhattan.’ John is also a founding partner at Bloxiom, a fintech startup creating next-generation payment rails. Prior to CapYear, he founded and served as the managing member at W Capital Partners LLC, a fund focused on statistical arbitrage opportunities.

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