AACOMAS Application Dates and Updates 2023-2024

2024 AACOMAS Application Cycle Dates Deadlines: Each osteopathic school establishes its own deadlines. Check Choose DO or go directly to the school’s website to determine their deadlines.  What can you change in AACOMAS after submission:  Personal Information Academic History Supporting Information Program Materials Changes for 2023-2024: AACOMAS application guide can be found here.

How To Get Clinical Experience As A Prehealth Student

As a pre-health student, gaining clinical experience is a crucial step in your journey toward a healthcare career. Clinical experience not only provides valuable exposure to the healthcare field, but also helps you develop important skills such as communication, empathy, and teamwork. In this blog post, we’ll cover some tips and advice to help you […]

AMCAS Application Cycle Dates and Updates 2023-2024

2024 AMCAS Application Cycle Dates Don’t forget to apply way before the deadlines! Deadlines: Each medical school sets its own deadline so be sure to check Participating Medical schools and Deadlines and remember that different programs at the same school may have different deadline dates. There is a downloadable version of school deadlines here. Deadlines […]

Get Inspired for your Medical School or PA School Personal Statement

Are you stuck staring at a blank page? You are not alone.  Writing is hard and it is supposed to be hard. Self-reflection, authenticity, and clarity take time. You summon your muse through hard work. That is why it is important to leave yourself enough time to work on your personal statement.  This is not […]

CASPA Application Cycle Dates and Updates 2023-2024

2024 CASPA Application Cycle Dates: A CASPA cycle runs each year from April each year through the following April. Applicants applying during this time will be considered for the January -December 2024 or January 2025 entering class of PA students.  Deadlines: CASPA has 10 deadline options for programs to choose from. Each program selects the […]

TMDSAS Application Cycle Dates and Updates 2023-2024

2024 TMDSAS Application Cycle Dates:  What can you change after submission:  YOU CANNOT change your personal essay, personal characteristics essay, optional essay, activities section, personal biography, or planned activities.  TMDSAS Application guide is here.

Zoom Interview Do’s and Dont’s

Whether you are interviewing for a job or as part of the admissions process, virtual interviews are part of the norm.  Virtual interviews can make interviewing much easier and convenient – which is great-  and it is important that you learn how to present yourself professionally in a virtual format. Here are a few tips […]

Three Key Questions Employers Ask About Pre-Health Grads

We understand that finding clinical experience during your gap year can be a challenge.  The good news is that there are an increasing number of clinical practices that understand what a great job pre-health students can do providing patient care as medical assistants or in other entry-level clinical positions. A number of them can be found […]

Cover Letters and Thank You Notes

Cover letters and thank you notes can be very effective tools to make your job application stand out. Resumes are critical and often looked at first, but cover letters and thank you notes can add helpful context and highlight positives or address potential concerns in a way a resume alone cannot.  There are a ton of […]

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